The most important value while living abroad is to make a disorder (disturbance) of one's settled values.

The land of nomads, where one may see endless steppes and blue sky, extending up to 360 degrees of the horizon line, sunrise and sundown, the place where it is plus 40º in summer and minus 40º in winter with severe natural conditions and the coldest capital worldwide, Astana. The reason why I first stepped onto this country in 1999, was for the construction of the International Airport of their new capital, Astana, as the in-charge of its design. At that time, I was the disciple of the already deceased Architect Kisho Kurokawa.

Before this assignment, I already had an opportunity to work in 17 countries worldwide. However, due to the airport project I met a 70-years old engineer, who had work experience in 80 countries, all over the world! Of course, the important thing is not a number of countries where one has been; the main thing is what had one learnt there.

I recall a famous phrase of the political commentator Kenichi Takemura (I took part in design of his house 20 years ago): "Japanese common sense is different from the rest of the wrold". The most important value while living abroad is acquaintance with people living there and difference between culture and values which lead to disorder of one's settled concepts that were developed from childhood.

Establishment of a "yurta"- style office at the City of Apples

In July 7th, 2007 in the ex-capital of Almaty city, the name of which means "the City of Apples", I opened the office of architectural design under the name "IMAYO CREATION" and there, on the background of yurta (movable tent) took place three findings and events:

The first event is that in the seventeenth country, where I worked, I found that the true life style as a human and the true creative work are in tune with the Laws of Creation of the Earth and the Laws of Nature as well as subject to the truth in relation to my long-lasting theses.

The second event was a meeting with my 86-year old Korean friend Ten Chu, who is living in Almaty since the last 51 years. We met each other in the flight from Seoul to Almaty, as we were seated next to one another. At present, studying the Truth and Creation together with him, we use the results of this research in our lives and in the activity of "IMAYO CREATION".

The Central Asian country Kazakhstan… thanks to its location in the very center between Japan and Europe, wherever one would like to go, Japan or Europe, it would take one the same time, that's why it is the most suitable place as a base point. Our design activity follows the Truth and we maintain 10 principles in the company, such as to be useful to the world, make creative activity that links countries and people, bring creations, which will be inherited by our descendants, etc.

For instance, Kazakhstan is not an exception as lately worldwide, commercial buildings are extended like chains, and beautiful nature is destroyed and historical facilities demolished. In particular, Almaty is a city with great snow mountains with heights of 3000m above the sea level and spreading like a chain up to Tien Shan Mountains, the so called "oasis of Silk Way", a historically lovely city with rich nature as if embedded in green. However, recently this beautiful view from window is obstructed with buildings, coming out from trees.

We, nevertheless, shall appreciate the life in symbiosis and coexistence with nature and slow down construction of cities, where the priority is economic profit. Architecture, merging with environment, architecture of the city, merging with the city. Architecture of countryside, merging with the countryside. Healthy ecological materials, with green plants planted on roofs of buildings, utilization of solar energy system, wind power generation, rain water harvesting and, of course, materials of renewable recourses. We would also like to open, for the second time, the space that was closed because of public control in Soviet time. We wish to realize the design potential of buildings and city, wherein alleys are interconnected between each other and where the space is integrated, that is psychologically opened.

Thanks to Kazakhstan's vast territory, we may use free design. On the other hand, however, for the country with rich nature "Is green plantation really more necessary? What for is energy saving in such economic power state, which is referred to rare countries with rich underground resources? And ecology?" In these issues there is a difference observed in epochs and national character.

Meetings with people create lasting impression and make us think of life, directed forward

The third event was the meeting with my wife, who is a Kazakh, and a musician. Later on, the meeting with my children. My life that used to be in movement all the time before, changed from nomadic to settled. There are more than 120 nationalities living in Kazakhstan and the fact that Kazakh genes are the closest to Japanese genes causes a deep interest. Their lifestyle is natural and resigned, with the highest value of family and relative relations, appreciating friendship and love. Probably it is an impact of faith in Islam as all of them sincerely help their neighbors.

Until acquiring independence in 1991, the Russian language was considered as official, now the Government facilitates everybody to speak Kazakh. My grandmother-in-law, who once used to be a ballerina, speaks Kazakhs to me, two and a half year old son talks Russian to me. Our son interrupts me when I talk with my wife in English mixed with Japanese and tries to imitate us. I wish that my children while learning the languages of different countries would simultaneously touch their respective cultures and get a deep impression from it.

Our planet Earth is a fascinating star. Plenty of countries, peoples, animals and plants, minerals coexist in symbiosis, which are skillfully interwoven into the laws of nature and everyone is apathetically occupied with their own matter. And there at the same time lies the eternal truth.

On the surface of this Earth, if one leaves his mother country, where he was born and grew up and lives abroad, one increases the opportunities of meetings with other people with other values. These meetings make a deep impression and the more such meetings occur, the stronger is a stimulus for personality formation. As a result, this person starts to think more clearly and positively about his own life.

Taking Kazakhstan as a starting point from now on, I want to continue visiting unknown countries and getting impressions and to keep on learning, within this great Creation of the Universe, as a nomad, moving on the Earth, which is a part of this Universe.

Жилой комплекс
(Photo 1). House building complex in symbiosis with nature, suggested by the author to "oasis of Silk Way", "City of Apples", Almaty

Republic of Kazakhstan. In 1991 it acquired independence from the Soviet Union. Its territory is 7 times more than the territory of Japan, population is 15 million people. The capital city is Astana, it was transferred from Almaty in 1997. Pavlodar is a city, where the family of the author's wife lives. The author goes to Astana (600 km) and Almaty (1200km) by air.

Director – Representative of "IMAYO CREATION". He was born in 1966 in Kagoshima prefecture. After graduation from the Environmental Technical Department of Technical Faculty at Ryukyu University, he started working in Kisho Kurokawa company for structural design of cities. In 2007 he left his position of the General Director of the above stated company to the current position.

(Photo with "Bayterek") The central administrative region of new capital Astana, proposed by Mr. Kisho Kurokawa, the author's master. The city layout with area 710 km² won in international competition. The tower in the center is the President's residence. Observation area in a shape of golden egg (observation area of "Bayterek") was created based on Kazakh mythology and timed to transfer of the capital in 1997, its height is 97m.