Company Guiding Precepts (with Creation)

  • Design is a creative activity and this creativity should be true.
  • Creative activity should serve to the world virtue as well as to the preservation of environment of the Earth and Cosmos.
  • Urban Planning, Architectural and Industrial Design contributing to the spiritual growth of human being.
  • Creativity connecting countries and people.
  • Creativity leading people to peace and happiness.
  • Create objects that can be inherited by next generations.
  • Furthermore, this creativity should be based on the truth and principles of nature.
  • Any person should follow up creative mind, wisdom and knowledge, studies of human nature, efforts and devotion throughout one's life.
  • This understanding means respect to a person, living strongly, maintain a cheerful and bright look of life, value justice, courage and curiosity, and thus bringing love to your neighbors.
  • Benefits obtained as a result of this creativity should be first applied to make living better in its various ways, which will furthermore contribute to future creativity and make profits return to society again.